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Rolling Gunner Deluxe Edition

Rolling Gunner
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About Rolling Gunner

Developed by Project Rolling Gunner and directed by former CAVE employee Koizumi Daisuke (Akai Katana, Deathsmiles 2, Dondonpachi series), Rolling Gunner is a danmaku (bullet hell) style 2D horizontal shmup.

The year is 2061 and an automated computer system called the BAC has turned technology against humanity. The world's fate now rests in the hands of a courageous RF-42R STORK pilot who must destroy the system at its source using the Rolling Gun - a specialized weapon secretly built to combat the BAC.


Game Features

  • Navigate across six stages blanketed in a hail of bullets
  • Choose from three different STORK ships to pilot, each with unique attributes and firing patterns
  • Four difficulty settings allow players of all skill levels to jump in and enjoy a true danmaku experience
  • Save Replays and use Training mode to master the Rolling Gun and learn the intricacies of each stage
  • Beautifully animated cutscenes marry gameplay and story
  • A pulse-pounding original soundtrack composed by COSIO (Space Invaders Extreme, Groove Coaster)


Players: 1 player
Genre: SHMUP
Publisher: mebius.
Developer: mebius.
Supported Languages: Japanese, English

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