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Production Status

Here's where we're sharing our internal product development roadmap with our community, so you can stay up-to-date with just how far along our games are on their path to production.

We have quite a few physical games in the works, and while we're not ready to reveal these titles just yet, we're happy to give a sneak peek at just how far along they are at becoming an exclusive Physicality Games release.

Be sure to use the side and bottom scroll bars on the table below to check out our progress so far, and learn more about what each column means below.


Here's what each column means...

Addt'l Orders Needed
This column tracks how many remaining orders are necessary for the game to go into production. This required quantity is separate per game and per system, and the amount required is shared between Standard and Deluxe Editions for that system. The Deluxe Edition column often states that the order quantity needed is "Shared with Standard." That means the number of Addt'l Orders Needed displayed by the Standard Edition can be fulfilled with any combination of Standard and Deluxe Edition orders.

# Remaining
This column shows how many copies of our limited Deluxe Editions are available for order. Our Deluxe Editions are limited to 3500 pieces for Nintendo Switch™ and 2500 for PlayStation®4, and include an individually numbered Collector's Certificate. Standard Editions have no production limit, so everyone can get their hands on a physical version of a game.

Art – Cover Sheet
This item category includes package, disc or game card labels. “Approved” means that all designs are finalized and approved internally, by the developers/original publishers, the first parties (Sony or Nintendo) and any necessary Age Rating organization. In short, these are ready to be sent to a printer.

Art – Tin
This item category includes art direction for the tins available with our Deluxe and Standard Editions. “Approved” means that the design is complete and approved by necessary parties, and the tin proofs (the design is printed on actual tin sheets for check) are internally approved. Once approved, this part can go into manufacture at any time.

Art – SteelBook
Our official SteelBooks are special metal-wrapped cases featuring unique designs created by our team. “Approved” means that design is complete and approved by all parties. Once approved, this part can go into manufacture as soon as we have a certain number of pre-orders!

ROM Approval
Video games need to be tested extensively by the developers/publishers and the final ROM (also called the “master version”) needs to be tested for compliance with the first parties’ (Sony or Nintendo) guidelines. “Approved” means that the final ROM is approved by the first parties and ready to go into manufacture.

ESRB Age Rating
Video games need to be rated by the local age rating organization. ESRB is the organization that covers games published in North America. “Approved” means that a game’s ESRB age rating has been issued, and for other game related materials (such as printed parts) are reviewed and approved by ESRB.

Deluxe Edition Items
Our Deluxe Editions include specially designed physical items. Each item goes through many phases such as design, prototype, test and approvals. “Approved” means all processes are done and the Deluxe Edition items are ready to manufacture.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products or Physicality Games in general, you can check out our FAQ or contact us here.

Here are some behind-the-scenes production photos of what we're working on!