How it Works

Our mission at Physicality Games is to bring to life physical versions of your favorite digital games for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4. We’re gamers and collectors, too, and we know how frustrating it is to not be able to purchase a game we want due to artificial limitations or limited purchasing periods. That’s why...

We say “no way!” to artificial scarcity!

All Physicality Games titles are available for purchase once their pre-order goals have been met, indefinitely. After all, great games belong in the hands of fans and collectors, not stashed away in some online auction seller’s basement. There’s no limited quantities or artificial scarcity here. Just great games made available to the people who love them!

We work with game developers and publishers to create awesome, physical copies of games we love for the Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4. Here’s how it works…


How it Works



  1. A new game goes live on Physicality Games. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of the latest and upcoming releases!
  2. When a game goes live on our site it will enter a pre-order phase. Fans can pre-order an upcoming title at any time, in any quantity desired.
  3. Each pre-order title’s page features a Pre-Order Progress Bar which updates with every new order. This progress bar is a visual representation of how many pre-orders have been placed, and just how close a game is to being turned into a physical game!
  4. Once the pre-order goal has been met, we’ll get straight to work manufacturing the game. Manufacturing will take approximately 2-4 months.
  5. Once the games are in our hands, we’ll ship them straight to you!


Once a title has met its pre-order goal and our fulfillment team has copies in-hand, the game will be available to purchase from our site on-demand, anytime. In-stock titles will typically ship within 2-5 business days.


Physicality Games provides exclusive physical copies of games for the PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ and other platforms, music soundtracks, apparel and other related game culture goods.