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How it Works

Our mission at Physicality Games is to bring to life physical versions of your favorite digital games for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4. We work with game developers and publishers to create awesome, physical copies of the games we love.

As part of our Grand Opening, we’ve made some big updates to our website and how we’re handling pre-orders. You can review the full update notes here: Physicality Games "Grand Opening" Update.

We also urge you to visit our extensive Frequently Asked Questions page!


  1. A new game goes live on Physicality Games. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of the latest and upcoming releases!
  2. When a game goes live on our site it will enter a pre-order phase. Fans can pre-order an upcoming title at any time, with only a $5 deposit per title.
  3. Each pre-order placed gets the game closer to meeting its goal. You can check how far along a game is by visiting the Production Status page. Here you can also see how many more orders a game needs before it goes into production.
  4. Once the pre-order goal has been met, we'll send out invoices to everyone who has pre-ordered and manufacturing will begin. Manufacturing will take approximately 2-4 months.
  5. Once the game has been received, we'll send out shipping confirmations to everyone who has pre-ordered and we'll get your game shipped out to you!
  6. All Physicality Games pre-orders come with a money-back guarantee. If for any reason a game does not reach its minimum quantity of orders required to go into production, we'll refund your order. It's as simple as that.


Once a title has met its pre-order goal and our fulfillment team has copies in-hand, the game will be available to purchase from our site on-demand. In-stock titles will typically ship within 2-5 business days.



Physicality Games will donate 1% of the price of every eligible product you purchase to the charity of your choice. There is no cost to you, there is no cost to our partners, and 100% of the donation goes to charity. Eligible products will be clearly marked as such on their description pages. In the unlikely event we are unable to ship a product, your money will be refunded and no donation will be made.

Physicality Gives is powered by our partners at ShoppingGives. Their database contains more than one million 501(c)(3) non-profits. You can choose any of these, or select one of our featured charities.



At Physicality Games, we believe in Quality, Kindness, Community and Charity.
  • Quality is something we strive to express in our products and our service
  • Kindness is an attitude towards our customers, our partners, and each other
  • Community is something we want to foster and facilitate. We hope that our Community feature will make it easier for like-minded gamers to find each other on their favorite social networks
  • Charity is our way of giving back, and through our Physicality Gives program, empowering our customers to direct donations to causes that reflect their values and priorities